Parking - garage

•    Parking is common to  both hotels in the underground garage in the Residence TABOR.
•    There is no place for  a car over 185 cm  high (incl. grid) and  there can´t be
a car with well.
•    Price for the parking:
o    Private  car in the garage:
- 500,-- CZK per day
(priv.. car i. e.  a car having max. 5 seats incl. the driver)
o    Minivan, pick-up crosscountry motor car:
- 600,-- CZK per day
o    Motorcycle:
- 300,-- CZK per day
o    Bicycle:
- 150,-- CZK per day
During Low Season we may offer  a discount for the parking or in some cases parking is free of charge. It is just in the prearranged cases.

The conditions of parking :
•    Check-in for your car is according to your room check-in.
•    Check-out from the garage is according to your check-out from your room,
e. i. your car has to leave  the garage on the departure day  till 10 a. m.
•    You have to leave the  key from your car in the reception because of the  fire instructionsand also for  the  manipulation with your car if needed,, e.g.for  releasing the gate or removing  your car to another  parking lot  in the garage.
•    The payment for the parking is on the day of your arrival at the reception.
Note:If you arrive to  the hotel, please, first of all, leave all your luggage at the reception and then the driver can park the car to the garage.
Please cover the handbrake, switch down the alarm and also the lights.

Please note that new paid parking zones have been introduced in the central part of Prague.
Basic information about the system:
* Orange zone - visitors parking for the max. of 2 hours. This paid parking zone operates on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00. Parking is paid for with a car parkingmeter which accepts CZK and EUR.
* Green zone - visitors parking for the maximum of 6 hours. This paid parking zone operates on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00. Parking is paid for with a car parkingmeter which accepts CZK an EUR.
Blue zone - reserved for residents parking in the given area. Parking cards can be purchased at the relevant local authority. You can borrow this card in the reception - the price is 250,-- CZK per day.
In the morning between 06:00 and 08:00 am., blue  zone  can be used without a parking card and during the day it can be used for parking that will not exceed 3 min.
Should you make unauthorised use of a paid parking zone, your vehicle can be towed away.

Please pay attention to the  traffic signs indicating each zone. We recommend using Prague City Transport when travelling into the central area of Prague. Its wide network enables quick transport through the city without having to worry where to park your vehicle.

If the parking places in our garage are full it is possible to park:
•    In hotel OLSANKA garage
price: 300,-- CZK per day
•    In secure parking places near by Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov
price: 120,-- CZK per day
•    In Palace FLORA or PALLADIUM garage
price: 50,-- CZK per every begun hour
weekday 8:00 - 18:00 1st hour is free of charge
weekday 18:00 - 8:00 + weekend first 3 hours are free or charge
•    In hotel  MARRIOTT garage
price: 50,-- CZK per hour and 500,-- CZK per day
•    In hotel HILTON  parking space.price: about 50,-- CZK per hour and 750,-- CZK per day
If you want (on the day or your departure) to do  some sightseeing on foot ,we recommend you to park in the underground garage in front of Rudolfinum, on  Jan Palachsquare.
Price: 50,-- CZK per hour;

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